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To a new year– fit 2013





Day 31–sorry for being MIA

Hey Guys! Sorry.. Been MIA. but I was sick an not really following any real diet or exercise plan. I went to the gym did some zumba and intervals but not much.

Today I’ve just been cooking a wy for the new year. I weighed myself today … 184!!! I gained weight !! I’ve been sick and I gain fucking weight.

I haven even been eating much!! I’m thinking of going to the doctor and ask wth because this is ridiculous 😦

I’m sorry to be lettin my readers down and myself down !! Luckily tomorrow is the new year ! 2013!!!

New year, new plan, new goal. This is my year.

So I totally fucked up this month… It’s okay. Get up and do it again right ?? I saw a bunch of friends on Facebook and one that came back from Argentina and they are all losing weight and looking amazing ! If they can do it… So can I ! I know I can.. I must. To be happy and love myself ….

Tomorrow is day 1 again ! I’ll continue the numbers (32..etc) but I guess we just have to have a clean slate. Tomorrow it is

Everyone be safe ! And enjoy New Years

happy New Years!

i hate pictures… jogging anyone?

So… I took Christmas photos today, and I was soooo not happy seeing them :[
I swear, pictures DEFINITELY add 10 pounds… ughhh by the tree…

ew, ew, ew… i mean.. i know i’m not ugly but i hate my body! I wish i had some old christmas pictures from years ago. I remember searching for clothes and I couldn’t fit in any of them!! that’s the hardest part for… putting on clothes and not being able to button them, or zip something up. It’s horrible!

I break into tears like… every single time.

For tomorrow, I asked my sister’s boyfriend to make me run with him tomorrow. LOL, I was planning the gym but at least if i have him also running, at least I’ll make sure THAT happens. He’s a very good, long distance runner… and he has been “training” my sister. She’s getting better! I have to do the same. He told me that he’ll drag me out (perfect!) lol

well, we’ll see.. hopefully though I’m not coughing like today or else I’m gonna have trouble running around the block.

When I felt myself getting sick, I used to make myself work out extra, extra hard because I believed sweating out the sickness would help me get better. I think it worked too! Back when I was fit &&  eating a lot of vitamin C… I hardly was sick!

Diet and Exercise does wonders. I gotta keep reminding myself that!

Anyway, from the site:

This site is awesome, has a lot of ideas not just in dieting but in fashion, activities, makeup, etc! I admit, it’s for women but whatever!

7 Ways Jogging Helps Lose Weight!


It’s simple. Anything, anything that gets you off the couch and moving is going to help you burn calories and lose weight. This includes dancing, skipping rope, jumping on the trampoline, and jogging. Jogging for 45 minutes burns about 500 calories… that’s amazing!


Like I mentioned above, one of the ways jogging helps lose weight is by burning calories… but it also gets your heart thumping — it’s great cardio! And doing regular cardio exercise, like jogging, will strengthen your heart, so you’ll burn calories more efficiently. Bonus!


Every compete fitness plan includes weight-bearing exercise, along with non weight-bearing exercise, cardio, stretching, and weight training. Jogging meets two of these requirements, because along with cardio, it also provides weight-bearing exercise… and this complete fitness regimen, including jogging, will help you lose weight.


Another of the ways jogging helps lose weight is by increasing your stamina and endurance. You’ll notice that, after a few weeks, you’ll be able to go further, and faster, and that at the end of a jog, you’re not as winded or tired. That’s you, building endurance! Way to go!


My personal trainer once told me that the secret to toned abs is a strong core, and he’s right. And how do you get a strong core? Well, one way is by jogging! It’s true… so not only can jogging help you lose weight, it can also help you tone, too.


I’m all for easy, and this is another way jogging helps lose weight: it’s simple. There’s no special equipment required (aside from shoes). There’s no complicated training involved (we already know how to jog). You just lace up your trainers and go!


Who says weight loss has to cost money? In this way jogging helps lose weight and keep your pocketbook in good shape, too! Jogging doesn’t cost anything (again, aside from the cost of shoes), so you won’t have to sacrifice something else to do it, or budget for it. Sweet!

I love jogging, and how you know why! These are all the ways jogging helps lose weight that I know of… and I especially love the last two! Which of these are the most important to you? Or do you know another way jogging helps lose weight I didn’t have on my list? Do tell!

Again– this is from the site.. and everything said is so true! I’m definitely going to get into it

Well Everyone… Good Night!!!


merry christmas!

I’m still coughing up a storm. Sticking with teas and oranges lol.

I did have some hot chocolate 😀 lol. It felt so soothing to the throat and tasted really really good!

I don’t think I’ll be eating much, I have no appetite. Ugh this sucks.

I hope everyone has a fantastic day! Tomorrow- sick or not- I will be back in a routine and give you all the details of my food and exercise and some recipes !

Merry Christmas !!!
Ho ho ho !




Day 24- sick & Merry Christmas Eve !

I woke up today with a horrible cough … Like bad bad cough. Dry, and painful and I’m wheezing.

Diet for today:
Tea.. Gatorade… Tea… Tea and more tea!

I think I snuck sushi in there somewhere.

And I’ve just been sleeping since 3.
And it’s Christmas Eve !!! 😦 ugh whyyyy

My brother made some awesome pork though, my mom made corn and vegetables and fruit platters. I’m excited to eat cause I am hungry.


Well everyone, I’m sorry I’ve been a little slacking in the posts. Tomorrow or probably Wednesday I’ll be back to giving the menu of my day AND the exercise. I have not been exercising…. Oh boy

Happy holidays !

day 23

So after partying and eating like shit last night I figured why not try again today with this damn diet. Problem 1- I have to babysit 10:30-2:30… And THEY DON’T HAVE HEALTHY STUFF or at least stuff I can eat … So I’m here, I just ate 2 waffles with syrup, tea and hot cocoa– my throat is killing me 😦

I looked in there fridge to find something but all their cereals are full full of sugar, chicken nuggets, mash potatoes… Ummm I thought maybe eggs but I didn’t want to dirty all her dishes.

See, I feel like I I worked in an office where I can’t eat, and if I had my own apartment and a steady routine everyday, this would be much easier but what a hectic life !!!

No, but seriously… From my personal relationships to like work related… It’s absolutely crazy!! And so is my exercise routine and diet.

Now that it’s vacation time from school, I’m hoping I can be more consistent and I guess maximize how much I can lose in a month. We’ll see, I’ll do it.


I’ll keep you posted for the rest of the day…

I can’t believe– day 23 and I’ve made no progress. Not even like lose 5 fucking pounds. 😦

Day 22- clothing doesn’t lie

So day 22 yesterday and I had work and my Christmas party last night ! Day went smoothly, I made pasta in the morning for the party, we got an order of sandwiches for people, my friend brought a fruit platter and my sister made lots and lots of treats lol

Check it out: dessert table:


Good stuff. So my diet completed flew out the window. I always say to myself- its the holidays! It’s okay and all that which is bad!diets need to stay through holidays… This is me just giving myself excuses.

But anyway, I’m looking for an outfit to wear for the party and I was ready to burst in tears because my dresses, NONE OF THEM fit me !!!! Or this jacket top, my pants… Nothing. Absolutely nothing. I have no nice clothing. I even went through my moms clothing but I wasn’t a fan of her style.

My arms !! Like wth ! I gained weight too! 181 ! Which is absolutely bizarre because I lost 2 last week soooo?

It’s because I haven’t been exercising consistently I think. This is horrible ! I am just the worst !!!

I have no idea how else I can make myself want to stick with my diet…
I need a buddy :/