calm afternoon

after my post-workout lunch, i felt great! i curled my hair and did my make-up, i thought i looked really pretty! Then it was time to find an outfit. THIS IS THE WORST PART OF MY DAY. ughhhh. i don’t fit in anything. I decided to try and not even think about it. Fortunately my pager went off for a call and so I decided to take it. I put on some leggings, my boots, and threw on my job shirt and left. Phew! I got out of finding a cute outfit for ice skating.

So yeah, i WAS supposed to go ice skating, that didn’t happen. but whatever….

Now i’m at the ambulance building, I have my hair all curly, wearing a uniform. I think i look pretty cute haha! I started to get hungry around 4 and decided to pick up some food. I ordered from a place around here, called Veggie Heaven.
I ate:  Steamed broccoli with brown sauce, brown rice and steamed vegetable dumplings with a water bottle on the side.
It was really good! I probably could have gone without the the dumplings (i think there were 6 of them?) but whatever, I worked hard today. I have more rice and broccoli left over which is most likely going to be my dinner as well. Easy dinner choice. I think.

Next on my agenda today is work at 7 pm. I am a nanny in a rich town, very sweet family but one of the biggest problems there, FOOD. Because the children are young and so so picky with food, they eat mac n cheese, chicken nuggets, fries, basically unhealthy, fattening, addicting-ly tasty food. I pick at their food, steal the awesome snacks from their pantry and there goes eating healthy prior to arrival.  WELL. today i’m going to say no no no! If i just repeat to myself that I worked HARD this morning at the gym, and I will not let it go to waste. Hopefully i can do it. I know I can. I’m feeling really motivated today. I can do it!

For now, I’m just gonna keep drinking water, hang out at the ambulance building and take the calls. I so badly one to grab into a bowl of lollipops we have here, but I  won’t.

I hope this is motivating others as well! And please! if you know any healthy recipes, snacks, etc. DO IT!

bye for now!


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