day 1

I woke up today nervous and motivated at 9am. I got up and grabbed a little notebook and started to plan my morning. I weighed myself. 178.9 pounds. I ate a banana, and started to dress for the gym. My plan: stretch for about 5 minutes. Work out focusing on my arms. Triathlon training, and then ending my gym experience with zumba. I was thinking about how hard this was going to be, my struggle… And then I said I myself over and over. I can do it ! I know I can.

So I arrive to the gym and head straight to the stretch ! Done 🙂
Next was the arm workout, now I have no clue how to make a strength workout so I turned to the machines. I did:
Bicep curls, 20lbs, 3 sets of 15
Triceps extensions, 20/25/30lbs, 3 sets of 15
Bicep curls, level 2, 3 sets of 15/12/10
Seated dips, level 2, 3 sets of 15/12/10
Lateral raises, 20 lbs, 3 sets of 15

Not bad i think lol, I’m sure I’ll feel it in the morning since I have NO upper body strength.

So about 2 months ago I signed up for my gym’s indoor triathlon. I figured this would motivate me to work out and it did ! Temporarily. Then I stopped and now I have to start over and the race is in a month ! Ugh– so I already had a work out planned and today (had I continued my training) would be a 40 minute run, broken down into 9 minute warm up, 5 minute jog, 1 min walk for the remainder of the time. gulp so I went off to the treadmill. I did the warm up fine, and then came the 5 minute jog… It got hard. 😦 I can’t believe I can’t even jog for five minutes. I stopped and now I’m sitting by the room where zumba is about to start. My total time on the treadmill was 15 minutes and 32 seconds. Alright, so I’m not gonna beat myself up over this, tomorrow I’ll go for 20. I am working on trying to tell myself it’s only the beginning and it only can get easier. I’m actually smiling on that thought. Now I’m just waiting for zumba. I love this class, it’s tons of fun and you work up a sweat ! I’ll keep you posted on the rest of my day 🙂



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