Day 2

Woke up today with a HUGE headache… As if I got completely wasted last night. Geez. I got up to stretch and my arms are actually a little sore ! Haha, it’s a good feeling. I got up, and made my family breakfast then my breakfast.

There it is! 2 egg whites with broccoli and I added some cinnamon !
It was really good and also had a small orange.
Then I got ready for work. So today I’m serving at Applebee’s and this job is where I gained a lot of my weight. I mean with 50% discounts and the smell of food all the time , who wouldn’t ? I decided to pack a healthy snack incase I got hungry or something. I made like a homemade trail mix with pretzels, almonds and whole grain oats.
Not too bad I think, lol.

Well, here I go, 4 hours of serving ungrateful guests and making shitty tip !

Have a great day 🙂

I wonder when I’m gonna fit my work out in today 😦


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