Day 3!

Woke up today ! Went straight downstairs to have breakfast. I was in rush to school so I kept it simple. Bowl of whole grain cereal and skim milk. Went to school, well the hospital, I had clinicals today, and was pretty busy til 12. Came home realized I was starving ! And craving sushi ! I decided to go grab some.
So I went to a place called East, it’s my favorite sushi place ! It has a carousel, and the sushi goes around and you pick it up ! omg it’s like a sushi bar ! I love it.

So I sat at the table. LOL
Well I knew that if I say at the bar is just keep grabbing food so I made the decision of sitting away from the bar (didn’t help much to be honest lol) and I forgot this place doesn’t serve brown rice ! So much for sticking healthy there but anyway, I started off ordering :
2 orders of tuna roll (6pieces)
1 order of salmon sushi (2 pieces)
1 order of shrimp sushi

Not too bad to start lol and then I was like, I’m still hungry ! And ordered:

1 order of shrimp sushi
2 pieces of crab stick
California hand roll

Lol, even then I wasn’t filled but I stopped. I figured it’s because last time I ate was 7 am, and it was small.

I don’t know if sushi was the best choice but it was yummy ! Got some good nutrients in there lol.

Well I’m off to the babysitting gig !
Wish me luck 🙂


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