winding down my day :]

Well, today was good day ! Besides the fact that I only worked for 2 hours and made 15 bucks lol. So, I had time to go to the gym! I was really excited (There’s this really cute guy that works there and he had told me at school he’d be there ! haha, whatever, motivation right?). I decided to make today LEG DAY. 
So my gym experience looked like this:

Leg Curls, 3 sets of 15
Leg Press, 3 sets
Leg Extension, 3 sets
Outer Thigh
Inner Thigh
Rotary Calf 
Seated Leg Press
Biking, 30 minutes

Not bad I think! I’m definitely going to be feeling this in the morning. :] 

So for my post-workout meal, i chose this: 

Now, I’m not sure if these actually are healthy for you, but I figured 0 sugar, 20 g protein, gluten free and no crazy -ose’s in the ingredients, that this couldn’t be horrible for you. Tasted disgusting, BUT for now it did the job. 

I took a shower and relaxed, went out for a bit and by the time I came back, it was time to have an actual meal so I prepared THIS! 
This is grilled chicken, avocado & cucumbers in a spinach wrap! It was pretty tasty and filling!
Well… kind of, the spinach wrap didn’t peak my interest. Maybe I’ll just do a whole wheat wrap next time, but anyway… 

I feel like today I was able to stick to the healthier side! I didn’t snack on junk, I didn’t eat the fresh pizza my brother made ( BUT OMG I WANTED TO ). 

I went off to barnes and noble to study and I guess the stress of studying made me start craving sugar. So, instead of denying myself I got the Banana Chocolate Smoothie with skim milk from starbucks. If you didn’t know, it’s made from protein based chocolate powder, fresh whole banana and skim milk! I had no regret drinking it and I was super satisfied. I studied away with my drink.

I’m now home, in bed @ 10:40pm. READY FOR SLEEP. I’m excited to wake up with soreness in my legs ! Can’t believe I’m actually saying that haha.

Today was a successful day and I’m very proud of myself! 
I took a photo at the gym that made me critique my self in the worst way:


MY ARMS ARE SO GROSS! i was like, ew, i don’t wanna post this. But then I looked beyond the arms, and saw that I was there at the gym, an hour in at this point, working hard, doing seated leg lifts. 

Today was great, I applaud myself, and I hope everyone else had a successful day too! 
Til tomorrow! 

Good night!



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