damn peer pressure.

Sooooo, my co-worker/student stuffed a donut in my mouth -__-. I was just gonna have the small sandwich they had at the hospital and her and I saw the big box of donuts and i said, OMG I want one! but I was gonna resist, she then said, oh c’mon just have one with me! and I’m like, no, i’m good with the sandwich, this is bad enough. And she pushed, pushed, and eventually I gave in. I was so happily eating it and then I was like. FUCK. peer pressure man, horrible. 

stupid donut. 
I hate when I do that, cause then I follow a trend , donut, to like idk, brownie? cookie, or whatever. It’s like the minute I have some sugary type thing, I just crave it, grab it and eat it. it’s weird. 

Anywho, thank god, I will not be around her or my colleagues again! (til next semester) stuffing food in my face! I had brought healthier snacks! multi-grain sliced bed with feta spread with garlic and herbs. (sooo good) but they ate it all!! And all that was left were these sandwiches and tons of donuts. siiighhhh

So, I was going through a fitness instagram & theres a bunch of pics of females with ripped bodies, & they are thin, gorgeous and promote fitness. HOW DO THEY KEEP IT UP???

I need more health freak friends I guess.

Anyway, hopefully I don’t stuff my face today.




2 thoughts on “damn peer pressure.

  1. explodyfull

    oh dear! Hope you have better luck resisting next time. I used to love Krispy Kreme donuts, then I had one at work once and I kept tasting the deep fried sweetness for the rest of the day. I felt sooo grossed out. I have not had a Krispy Kreme since, every time I am tempted I think of how sick I felt that time and I am put off.

    1. melrubioxo Post author

      It’s so hard! Everyone around me eats what they want, and they believe I don’t have to lose weight so they just say “Melanie, stop, just eat it !” I always give in… Absolutely sucks !


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