Day 5 stressful

Well, I was running late this morning, missed breakfast and forgot that I had a validation in school today. Didn’t practice, forgot my uniform.
I was starving and trying to study for my exam tomorrow.
Turns out I did well on the validation- but I went over to the ambulance core, still starving.
My bank account it zero, lol I had to pay a couple of bills today but I get paid today !
My breakfast/ lunch was a bagel with cream cheese someone made for me and they brought me this skim milk chocolate milk thing with omega 3s lol.

Not the greatest choice of food, but I literally had no other choice but to starve or eat the lollipops and donuts sitting there.

Later my friend came with her leftover foods and I started picking at it. Ugh- I just tryin to focus on my studying!

This is exam is a big deal to me because if I don’t get at least an 80, my won’t have the passing grade for the course and I’d have to wait a whole ear to take this course again and I can’t continue nursing til this course is done !! Ugh- the stress

Well eventually work comes along and I’m still studying. I let the kids do whatever they want. I don’t care, but came dinner time, their mom said alright just make pizza. Wonderful. I had a slice of pizza- and then the little one offered me nerds and it just went downhill cause all of sudden there were snacks everywhere and just awful food and I was so mad, I’m like seriously ?!?

I need to wake up earlier and pack my own stuff. I’m just eating strawberries and water now, and I can’t even go burn this pizza off at the gym because I have to study and ace this exam.

Stress kills me and I started to nibble on things and even though they are nibbles they add up.

Ugh, can’t wait til the exam is over cause I’m going straight to the gym and just gonna go ape shit on the weights and cardio. Swimming sounds nice.

I’ve had an off couple days, but tomorrow. I’m gonna be back in business an hopefully I’ll last longer than 3 days -___- lol

Til tomorrow, wish me luck !



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