Day 8

Well today was a very good day. I didn’t go to the gym like a planned, had absolutely no time (but i know that’s not a good enough excuse).

I got my car tires changed and then from 12-7, I was at the ambulance core

I ate a burger with fries… andddd a hot cocoa. My co-worker bought me lunch so I was… alright thanks. (peer pressure I tell you. KILLER)

then I slept since there were like NO calls. 7pm eventually came along and then I was getting ready to go on a date!

Geez, I ate so much food. I hate restaurants:
Started of with –
glass of wine- rosato (good stuff!)
lobster mac n cheese (heaven in your mouth)
some jumbo shrimp linguini
creme brulee (first time having it, amazing!)

yeahhh- serious meal I tell you. We split the appetizer and dessert but still. I WAS STUFFED. And then came home and downloaded Christmas music lol

So good day in a sense it was stress free I guess. Bad food option wise. I hate food lol, it’s sooo damnn hard to say no. 

So far, I’m not doing so great with this diet thing. UUGHHHHHHH

tomorrow, I’m gonna be up early for church, and i told my sister to make sure I hit the gym before I hit the library to study. I need someone right now kind of forcing me. lets see tomorrow

hope everyone is having a wonderful holiday! good luck with your goals 


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