day 9

got up early today!
Wasn’t really hungry so all i ate was:
Oikios Vanilla Fat Free Yogurt.
GOOD STUFF, full of protein

I went for a nice 1 mile long jog, took it nice and relaxed. I felt great!

Then by 12pm, headed out to the school library to study. So far, so good.

Around 4:00pm, I started to feel the hunger. I ended buying for lunch/dinner:
Panera Bread You Pick Two Combo (bad choice?)
chicken noodle soup with bread & caesar salad

I didn’t feel to bad about it. But then I thought, well i guess I could have gone with out the bread an chose an apple. That’s one, and then the caesar salad… next time no croutons?

It’s funny because little changes like that can make a HUGE difference.

After my meal, I met up with a friend, then headed home and relaxed. Around 8pm, I went for ambulance driver training and now I’m back home.

I just had a glass of water and an orange.

Overall, today was a good day :]

Hope it was for all of you too! AND PLEASE, Keep up with the input!
Have a wonderful night :]


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