day 11

Well, very very productive day ! 😀

Woke up, 10am. Went to staples to buy a planner. I absolutely love planners! they seriously keep my life intact I think.

After that I went to visit a good friend and there he fed me:

One waffle with some maple syrup (like the real stuff, so good!)
Cup of coffee with milk and sugar
aaand Yogurt

It was delicious! :]
(I’m so proud at resisted the brownies he had on his table!)

After that I went home and had to make a few phone calls, busy busy.

I have to put my gym membership on a freeze due to financial issues 😦 So, running outside will have to do for now.

For snack I had cashews ( they were caramelized 😦 ugh, but omg they hit the sweet tooth)

Then I didn’t eat anything else til later in the day. My other guy friend got us these AMAZING sandwiches. TOTALLY not the best choice especially cause it was white bread, but at least I exercised today and I really didn’t eat all that much. That sandwich was the last thing I ate today, and now:

Enjoying a nice cup of tea! and Studying my butt off for finals tomorrow :]

Hope everyone had a good day & stuck with their goals!
I know I did (aside from the sandwich) but It’s baby steps.

We can’t cut out everything at once. My goal right now is to go without eating cookies, brownies, candies, pie.. stuff in that nature.

We’ll see.

How i’m improving with the jogging:

So what I’m doing with that is I start off walking to the park, do a light stretch and run (the best I can) a full lap around the park. I couldn’t yesterday, and I couldn’t today but the goal for now, is to run the ONE full lap without stopping. After I’ve achieved that, the next goal is two full laps… and forward. I end with walking back home. I feel this is more attainable and realistic.

I’ll let all of you know! :]

Until tomorrow, keep going!


2 thoughts on “day 11

  1. GiGi Eats Celebrities

    OMG! I loveee planners too… My current one is coming to a close – I have about 2 weeks left (uh, that would make SENSE considering it is the end of the year, lol)… But I cannot wait to go and pick out a new one. It is a process for me though because it has to be absolutely 100% perfect, lol!! Same goes for my TO-DO app on my phone! 😉

    Good luck with your goal of not eating the sweets – it can be done! The other day I baked straight up pureed pumpkin – mixed with stevia, eggs, pumpkin pie spice and vanilla extract, tasted EXACTLY like pumpkin pie filling, except sugar-free and SUPER LOW in calories, it was delish! 🙂

    1. melrubioxo Post author

      LOL , I am the same with planners ! So anal !!!
      And I will definitely try out that recipe ! I love pumpkin pie, and I would love to make it healthier so I can enjoy it !! Thank you 🙂


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