Day 16


Woke up at 12 ;] had some great sleep.

I ended last night with a wonderful up of wine


It was amazing lol.

Today I ate for lunch:
Refried beans in a whole wheat tortilla. Looks gross in this picture but it was soooo good :


And healthy !
I then left to Barnes and nobles to study my ass off for a final tomorrow. So this is what I’ve indulged in for the past 5 hours:


So water– good
White chocolate mocha– not so much

But that’s the only ridiculous sugar I had so far today.

It’s dinner time and I’m trying to figure out what to eat 😦 I have no clue !!!

This is when I avoid eating for as long as possible… And epically fail in eating shit later.

I must think of something!
Brown rice and broccoli ??
Salad? Fruit ? Chicken and broccoli? Thinking, thinking …


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