So invested in a few of books today, one that isn’t in the picture is called “The Douche Journals Volume One, The definitive account of one man’s genius SCHMIDT” If you watch the show “new girl” you know exactly who i’m talking about lmao.

the other two books are “Who Moved My Cheese?” and “Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff…”

Now I haven’t read the “don’t sweat small stuff” one but it has simple ways to not literally little things take over your life. I like it! One example I see in here is… Resist the Urge to Criticize.. and then it goes into a little explanation. Once exams are over, I’m gonna have a nice sit down with some tea and read this book. I’m some one who over analyzes everything and criticize myself harshly and make a mess out of things– i need this book! haha

Next is “Who Moved My Cheese?”

THIS BOOK IS AMAZING and I recommend it to everyone. It takes less than an hour to read and for me it was a big life changer. It is about changes in life and how we should view it, and deal with things.

Trust me… if you feel like you’re stuck on something, read this. If you laugh at yourself in the end, the book did it’s job.

I figured I throw something in here other than dieting, because it’s important to be internally happy, it’ll help us get there externally as well.


Good night Folks!

Btw, I settled with sushi– AGAIN! I promise… tonight was the last time lol… i just had some tea, and I’m off to study again and sleep early.

Tomorrow is monday, new day! I’m excited to take another step in change.



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