Dayy 17- success ! + a cookie

Soooo first and foremost !
I got a 92 on my final today *bowing* thank you thank you lol

Breakfast was a Granny Smith apple and tea– wasn’t hungry but I knew I had to eat something.

Lunch was beans and whole wheat tortillas again, was craving it lol

I was craving sweets sooo bad so I had mango !! And I think black berries with whip cream (only a little whip cream)

Dinner was at work today, the mom made pork, mash potatoes and salad so that was my dinner. Good shit, I think I ate too much of though.

Portion control ! Fuuuuck you lol

I went for a short jog today, about 30 minutes. Was nice, nice stress reliever with music pumping in the ears.

Oh yeah, I had a candy cane too– classmate of mine gave us a penlight with a candy cane for Christmas. Couldn’t resist !

Isn’t it so cute !! Lol

I know… Slap on the wrist.

And now I’m jut watching television With the kiddies. And I ate a damn cookie with milk…

real big whip to the wrist lol

but you know what? It’s okay, I exercised, I ate healthy for 90% of my day. That’s it for the rest of night… No more food ! Haha
Just tea– did I mention I love tea??

I’m proud of today, I feel a difference with these simple changes I’m making, and I’m understanding what foods make me feel bloated and not. Eating this one cookie gave me a real belly ache believe it or not ! Mango earlier hit the sweet spot.

I just have to constantly remind myself before I put food in my mouth is will this make me feel good? Or bad?

Simple changes everyday. I know one of these days I’ll have it down pat ;]

Night kiddies !


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