day 18– two steps forward, one step back.. I’m still moving forward!

i messed up big time with my dieting, i fasted i guess for 20 hours?? who knows, and i was going to eat before i was starving but then i got real busy. Then i was starving and ate a bagel with cream cheese, brownie bites that were on the table… fuuuckk.. that was lunch.

then i didn’t anything til dinner, but i was starving! i guess the brownies and bagel did not curve my hunger for very long. 

My dinner was healthy, pork and steak slices with rice pilaf. good stuff… but i had like 2 servings… ugh, this sucks. but i did 100 crunches ! l did some form of exercise. I didn’t get to go for a jog >=[

TOMORROW THOUGH– i am meeting with a cute trainer ;] His name is Danny and i get his attention for a full 50 minutes. I’m hoping he’ll set up a routine for me that will work! i’m excited. 

So… as my title states, i took two step forwards, and today i pretty much took one step back but i am moving forward. i am happy how i am slowly improving.

this is a long journey and i hope you guys stick it out with me and keep having faith in me!

till, tomorrow. I won’t let you down! 



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