Day 19– yeah, worked out ’til i puked

hahaha, so title says it.. i guess

first off, woke up today… ate a granny smith apple for breakfast then went off to take my LAST EXAM FOR THE SEMESTER! good stuff ;]

after that, i took a nap… i was so so tired!
Woke up, and headed to the gym. I had a wonderful hour session with the cute trainer ;]
We did cardio, strength and circuit. lol.

so, one of the things i learned from the training session is heart rate! and it’s importance.
So my max heart rate is like 190… and you’re not supposed to hang out there for too lunch. my 70% heart rate max (the rate that burns the most fat) is 175 or so. So he had my do intervals on the treadmill. We kept it at 130-140 and then for 30 seconds we raised the speed to 7.0 for 30 seconds… no more. then we checked my heart rate.. said 180 and i walked until my heart rate was back down to 140.. then it was back to 7.0mph. 

It felt great! I felt myself sweating and working but i wasn’t huffing and puffing and wanting to kill myself haha.

Except, in the end… after the whoole work out.. i felt nauseas and i ran to the bathroom and BLEGGHHH. haha. i laughed and went back to him and he was like… ohhh are you okay!? he seemed concern lol. Anyway, he was like I would like to work with you, i think we mesh well.. blah blah blah.. i’m just staring at his cuteness hahaha.
pretty good motivation ;]

I came home & made sure I ate something. I had a whole wheat tortilla wrap, mozzarella cheese, beans and turkey! It tasted sooo goodddd. I was like… wow… i can eat this ALL THE TIME lol. 

and of course, my tea. lol

Now i’m just watching the show Bones and cuddling in a blanket! I’m just gonna relax… I had a productive morning =]

I’ll let you know how the rest of the day goes!




3 thoughts on “Day 19– yeah, worked out ’til i puked

  1. foodaddictionrecovery

    Awesome deal on the hot trainer! Also a little jealous you got sick after haha! You are doing great! I completely fell off the bandwagon the last week! Back on it again!

    1. melrubioxo Post author

      Dude, like I said in I e of the older blogs, two steps forward, one step back! It’s all about being proud of the little progress or great progress we’ve made! You fell off, so get back on ! We’ve got this 😉

      Find that motivation ! Lol


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