Day 22- clothing doesn’t lie

So day 22 yesterday and I had work and my Christmas party last night ! Day went smoothly, I made pasta in the morning for the party, we got an order of sandwiches for people, my friend brought a fruit platter and my sister made lots and lots of treats lol

Check it out: dessert table:


Good stuff. So my diet completed flew out the window. I always say to myself- its the holidays! It’s okay and all that which is bad!diets need to stay through holidays… This is me just giving myself excuses.

But anyway, I’m looking for an outfit to wear for the party and I was ready to burst in tears because my dresses, NONE OF THEM fit me !!!! Or this jacket top, my pants… Nothing. Absolutely nothing. I have no nice clothing. I even went through my moms clothing but I wasn’t a fan of her style.

My arms !! Like wth ! I gained weight too! 181 ! Which is absolutely bizarre because I lost 2 last week soooo?

It’s because I haven’t been exercising consistently I think. This is horrible ! I am just the worst !!!

I have no idea how else I can make myself want to stick with my diet…
I need a buddy :/


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