day 23

So after partying and eating like shit last night I figured why not try again today with this damn diet. Problem 1- I have to babysit 10:30-2:30… And THEY DON’T HAVE HEALTHY STUFF or at least stuff I can eat … So I’m here, I just ate 2 waffles with syrup, tea and hot cocoa– my throat is killing me 😦

I looked in there fridge to find something but all their cereals are full full of sugar, chicken nuggets, mash potatoes… Ummm I thought maybe eggs but I didn’t want to dirty all her dishes.

See, I feel like I I worked in an office where I can’t eat, and if I had my own apartment and a steady routine everyday, this would be much easier but what a hectic life !!!

No, but seriously… From my personal relationships to like work related… It’s absolutely crazy!! And so is my exercise routine and diet.

Now that it’s vacation time from school, I’m hoping I can be more consistent and I guess maximize how much I can lose in a month. We’ll see, I’ll do it.


I’ll keep you posted for the rest of the day…

I can’t believe– day 23 and I’ve made no progress. Not even like lose 5 fucking pounds. 😦


One thought on “day 23

  1. foodaddictionrecovery

    Don’t you worry about it! Tomorrow is another day. This is a hard time of year. It will happen. Just stay strong and try try again!


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