Day 31–sorry for being MIA

Hey Guys! Sorry.. Been MIA. but I was sick an not really following any real diet or exercise plan. I went to the gym did some zumba and intervals but not much.

Today I’ve just been cooking a wy for the new year. I weighed myself today … 184!!! I gained weight !! I’ve been sick and I gain fucking weight.

I haven even been eating much!! I’m thinking of going to the doctor and ask wth because this is ridiculous 😦

I’m sorry to be lettin my readers down and myself down !! Luckily tomorrow is the new year ! 2013!!!

New year, new plan, new goal. This is my year.

So I totally fucked up this month… It’s okay. Get up and do it again right ?? I saw a bunch of friends on Facebook and one that came back from Argentina and they are all losing weight and looking amazing ! If they can do it… So can I ! I know I can.. I must. To be happy and love myself ….

Tomorrow is day 1 again ! I’ll continue the numbers (32..etc) but I guess we just have to have a clean slate. Tomorrow it is

Everyone be safe ! And enjoy New Years

happy New Years!


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