day 33!!!

SSOOO, went to the gym today and did a Body Combat class for an hour. It was fun! Had a good sweat… I like the classes :] I’m hoping to do Zumba tonight at 7:30… hopefully I get out of work a little earlier… probably not haha.

I’m actually working today! Finally.. and making money :] i’m so so broke haha…

Anyway, after the gym I had CRUMPETS. BLUEBERRY CRUMPETS. I don’t know where my mom found crumpets but there they were in the fridge.

Today is the day ! I’m counting

2 Blueberry Crumpets- 140 calories
1 Cup 2% Milk-             130 calories
Total Calories :              270 calories

I’m using an app called MyPlate Calorie Tracker, supported by
I have had this app for awhile and it’s great! You can document your exercise, water intake and what you eat! Does the job… check it out =]

Now I’m gonna take a little nap :] head to work! Now we all know m challenges at work… well no excuses today! NONE.




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