day 35! down 4 pounds!

Lost 4 pounds!! LOL, but I had gained like 5 pounds from the beginning of this blog… but still!! I was very happy to see that.. means what I’m doing is working!

Today I went on a sushi date with Emily! I love this girl, we only hang out once in awhile when she’s home from school and we do is go out to eat and we ALWAYS call them dates. Usually we go all out at Olive Garden but today, we treated ourselves to Sushi. She showed me a place in her town called Ocean Sushi.. really good!
I had:

Miso Soup –   70 calories
Shrimp Roll- 240 calories
Tuna Roll-    184 calories
Total-            494 calories

Each roll was 8 pieces so I was very content at the en of my meal… wasn’t stuffed. And it was cheap! 10 bux! a lunch special lol

I haven’t hit the gym yet, I’m planning to do a class at 5:30 called bodypump… its strength training and then following that class at 6:30 is Zumba!!  So, i’m going to be getting a good 2 hours in the gym later. Then tonight I’m thinking just staying in with some tea and watch Disney movies or something lol. low key day.

ciao for noww ;]


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