4:22 PM meal … yum!

so… this is what I ate :


So this is from the Subway.com …really cool!! I also had baked chips- which was 120 calories.. SO

Subway Sandwich-  450 calories
Baked Lays Chips-  120 calories
Powerade Zero-          0 calories
Total-                       570 calories


This was kind of gross, but I wanted flavor and i DEFINITELY did not want diet soda… i’m ridding soda from my life! completely…so… Powerade it is…

I haven’t worked out today, and I don’t know if I’ll get the chance.. I have to work at 6:30pm, babysitting and I don’t know when I’m leaving.. bleghhhh

If I don’t work out today… means tomorrow I gotta double it up! lol


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