day 36- breakfast!


I keep using to corn and bean mix… BECAUSE ITS SO GOOD! under it, is just 2 large egg whites! So it’s like a pancake lol.. SO DELICIOUS

2 Large Egg Whites-            50 calories
1 Cup Corn/Beans – appr. 226 calories
Total-                                 276 calories

Not bad I must say… But I’m not gonna lie… An 1 hour and 17 minutes laters… I’m hungry 😦 and craving sweets.. ahhh!! why!!

I’m here at the ambulance building and I have a friend here who is also on a diet… today is her banana and milk day lol.. her diet is EXTREME… i could not, but i’m impressed with her… she has a lot of self- discipline. I hardly ave any.. i’m not gonna lie… i had i think 3 pieces of chocolate last night.. THEY WERE RIGHT THEREEE 😦 ay…

but, i don’t feel too bad. I did my two hours at the gym ;]

Alright.. well i’m going to go find a mango… that should satisfy the craving lol

Til later!


One thought on “day 36- breakfast!

  1. Roy

    You should be able to find mangoes at the grocery store behind Outback Steak House on Rt 17 . The grocery store shares the same parking lot as Outback. It’s easier to get to from Prospect Avenue or Passaic Street.


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