Day 38– I’m an asshole.

Because I suck at being healthy !!!

Hasn’t even been a fucking week.

I blame my emotional problems and lack of self- discipline.

tomorrow will be a better day

But I did go on a 3 mile hike yesterday!!! It was great 🙂


My goal is to continue doing this every weekend 🙂

Small changes= big differences


5 thoughts on “Day 38– I’m an asshole.

  1. foodaddictionrecovery

    LOL!!! That wouldn’t make you an asshole. Tomorrow is another day and that is great about the hike!

    1. Roy

      Don’t be hard on yourself, a 3 mile hike is great and a goal to do it every weekend, good for you.
      Where is this place? It looks great to hike all day! Are there any restrictions to enter or is it open to the public?
      Keep chipping away…


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