Day 45

So today I woke around noon, cleaned up my room for 2 hours, showered and then got ready for work.

So far my food has been:

Banana & one cup of black beans and sweet corn mix.

Pretty filling. It’s all I ate so far. I’m about to have a cup of some soup my boss made.

Has white beans, scallions, spinach and some other vegetables. Sounds good and healthy !!

I’m not gonna be getting a work out in today. Tomorrow though I definitely will. I’m starting this week to make a routine for a school again. I’m gonna try going to the gym before school again. 6am gym?! We’ll try lol

I’m trying to eat light because I’m meeting up with someone after work and we’re gonna have Chipotle ! Yum

Oh so I’m actually eating dinner now… And a piece of steak!

Check this out:


It is amazing… I’m gonna have more.

Soups are amazing !!

As soon as my boss gives me the recipe.. I’m passing it on to you!


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