Someone zip my mouth

Because I just drank a soda … I was doing so good !!!! A month!!!!

And I ate… Ice cream cake… ICE CREAM CAKE. Like.. Wth. I did so good until 430 pm AND I RUINED IT

this is why day 44 is here and I’ve only lost 5 pounds.

Because I randomly have these binging nights and it cancels out everything !!! And I’ve been so lazy with the gym

Slap in the face man

It’s so easy to talk about how I’m gonna eat healthy and exercise and get hyped and then I fail… Miserably

What else do I have to do ?!! Where is my self discipline ?!

Help 😦


One thought on “Someone zip my mouth

  1. Roy

    Good news you lost 5 pounds.

    You asked for help, so here goes, lol…

    Make better choices, not perfect ones.

    Record everything that crosses your lips (I mean food, not toothbrush etc. lol), over a year all those nibbles really add up.

    I believe that any type of food that comes in a box or can is not healthy, but 100% fresh isn’t always doable, so choose packaged foods that have a short ingredient list and pronounceable.

    Avoid skipping meals; it most likely will cause you to overeat later.

    Pros and Cons for taking meals and snacks from home to work or school:
    Pros: 1) it’s healthy; 2) saves time standing on line; 3) save some money.
    Cons: None.

    A realistic goal for some folks like me: lose 36 pounds in 3 years = 1 pound a month.
    Three years – 2016 will be here sooner than we think.

    Hope this is helpful and let me know if it is.



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