Day 46

I totally slept in til like 3pm. It was awesome but I must be string sick or something because I’m extremely tired. Woke up, ate a banana went to work.

Dinner was chicken and cucumbers ! It was really good


It’s marinated with honey, orange juice and lime I think ? My boss made it. I had that and I just had a spoonful of cookie dough ice cream. I needed it to satisfy my sweet tooth. No, I don’t feel bad about it.

The little slice of cheese quesadilla though..I do feel guilty about.

I’m gonna go for a run later after work though.

I didn’t eat the chipotle yesterday.. I ended up having a small sugar free chocolate milkshake. I was happy lol

But today I plan to have my chipotle ! I usually get he bowl with brown rice, chicken, sour cream and lettuce. I’m gonna ditch the sour cream though since this fattening and put in some black beans ! Yum… That’ll be post run ?? Or maybe before, idk BUT I AM RUNNING. I wish I didn’t sleep in today because I really wanted to work out in the morning but I just couldn’t get myself up. Sucks

Well that’s the rest of my night, a nice run, chiptole and watching suits !!! Tomorrow is body combat and zumba ! I’m excited

Good night 🙂

ps. My emotions have been so unstable, I wonder if that is causing me to be tired, and lazy. Probably right ?


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