Day 50

So I haven’t written in awhile and I haven’t been following my diet plan !

Ugh… I’ve been a mess this week with food and lack of sleep. I was at Rutgers last night. Tons of fun. I woke up though feeling like TOTAL SHIT. One of my friends who live at Rutgers … We’ll call her Georgia … Omg she’s gorgeous ! And so thin but in a healthy way. I looked at myself and I just though… Wow I suck. Why can’t I master self discipline ?!?

I have no idea why I start the day great, motivated and then night time comes and I want to eat everything in sight 😦

It’s really depressing and I’m super sick again !! My immune system is terrible 😦

I feel terrible … I feel fat and bloated and just gross.

Ugh.. God help me ! I don’t like feeling this way… Give me discipline and motivation.

Creating this blog hasn’t done anything for me yet but publicize my failure 😦


For lunch I ate:
turkey taco salad
Lean ground turkey, red beans, reduced fat cheddar cheese, romaine lettuce, scallions, salsa and fat- free sour cream.

Only 429 calories. It was really delicious

I’m at work now 😦

School starts tomorrow ! I’m hopin having a schedule again will put me on track again .. Til later !


3 thoughts on “Day 50

  1. Roy

    I think you are being too hard on yourself…

    Your blog proves you are not in denial

    from your self evaluation post :
    Economic- a healthier diet means a healthier me. Less doctor visits, less money on medications, less problem that need financial help to solve.
    Social- I will feel better, look better which will give me the confidence to push and be the best I can be
    And Moral- I am blessed everyday to have a roof over my head, my parents supporting me and god giving me life each and everyday… I must take care of myself.
    You had a great idea to post it on your wall. Did you? What a great idea!

    Also, consider making a daily time table after you get your school schedule and post that on your wall as well…don’t forget to include fun time. lol.

    Good luck!


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