Day 51-school is back!

Well got my 8 hours of sleep ! Ate a Granny Smith apple this morning (50-80 calories) and a BIG cup of black tea 🙂

We just got our first break I’m class today (5 hour lecture, yay nursing! -__-)

And I don’t know if I want to eat… Latest we leave here is 1pm and I’m going to be making a delicious black eyed pea stew when i get home !
(Recipe will be attached later)

And I’m really trying to save money on food (I should have brought a snack) but going to the cafeteria to eat whatever shit they have seems unwise.

They do have whole wheat panini with turkey, avocado and such but I’m soooo bad with temptation. I’m sittin in the classroom avoiding the cafeteria. Lol… Ugh

I am gonna go eat something.. Even if its cereal because I don’t want to be starving later and just whatever is in sight… Right?

Here I go…


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