What was supposed to be dinner … Turned into my snack lol

So ! I made the black eyed pea stew !


It’s was absolutely delicious !!!! I ate it soon after I made it. 2 1/4 cups of this soup is only 184 calories !!!! Yum !

So I brought a serving to work but my boss made… PORKCHOPS. AND SALAD AND CORN AND MASH POTATOES and … Dare I say it. Brownies. And I ate it all.

My belly is big right now. But it was so satisfying !

I wish I had my gym membership. I want to run but it’s FREEZING OUTSIDE. I live in jersey and this morning the temperature was like 20 degrees!!

Oh well, tomorrow I’ll stick to my diet more. I mean I did today except the brownie and I should have opt out the mash potatoes… And have a small portion of everything.

Tomorrow though I have soup to indulge on ! Yummy

Here’s the recipe and ingredients:




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