I think it’s like day 72…

Yeah, I know i have been Mia but when school started I had to get to work !

So.. Update… Lost 7 pounds ! And what’s funny is that I lost it this past week.

I had completely fallen off the diet plan, I pretty much gave up and that played into why I didn’t write anything BUT I’m back.

So I have a new diet plan thanks to an amazing guy I met…
Now before I here any criticism.. READ ABOUT IT.

It’s only five chapters but you get the idea

INTERMITTENT FASTING … Now I was not a fan first hearing about this and then I finally tried it and I LOVE IT.

So basically I fast for 16-20 hours, I eat my meal (whatever I want pretty much) and then I fast again. So it’s supposed to be much more detailed. It’s like after your fasting period you have a 6-8 hour eating window where you can eat your three meals. You’re not starving yourself. If read the link it explains everything and so far.. It really has worked for me. I only drink zero calories drinks and fast for 20 hours (sleep included!) and then enjoy my meal without feeling bad.

Yesterday I fasted 20 hours and had a big bowl of whole grain pasta, black bean , corn and marinera sauce ! Then strawberries, and apple, some bread that was delicious. And I closed my eating window at 9pm. So it was from 4-9pm. Now today, I’m fasting 20 hours again (maybe just 16) and repeat delicious meal.

This isn’t for everyone but I’ve been doing it for the past week and lost 7 pounds, I feel great and energized. I work out a little in the morning and I’m good to go with my water or tea.

My other methods just weren’t working.. I love food too much !

Well, here I go into the day:

Today I did one mile run, and one mile rowing this morning 🙂

Dinner will be pasta again… Like this :


Absolutely delicious and guilt free 😉


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