bagel with cream cheese… ugh day 73

SO… after a 16 hour fast… all there was in the building were bagels and cream cheese. So I ate one… blahhh

Later i’m gonna have fruits … LOTS.. like strawberries! I love strawberries :]
I feel sore from the rowing I did yesterday ( success!! ) Tonight is ZUMBA ;]

AND THEN THE BAR. lol, i’m not drinking though because of the fast… (and I’ve got class in the morning)

I feel great though, what a difference the 7 pounds make (officially one week since i’ve started this diet)

Lets see what another week of it brings! I’m gonna make even healthier choices ( starting tomorrow lol. ) That way, i can lose even more weight! Cause i’ve kind of been enjoying whatever I want after fasting 20 hours.. not good. I need the veggies, protein, and that fun ;]



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