I have COMPLETELY slacked



alright, so lately I have NOT been consistent in writing to you folks… So sorry 😦

So update… I had gained a lot during my vacation before school started this year 😦 I don’t know what happened… I went up to 185 pounds…

Well I managed to lose 7… i’m at 178 pounds now. I lost those quickly in a week by doing the intermittent fasting.

So it works well, but i’m finding myself starting to eat a lot during the evening… SO, I have to change my diet plan a little bit.  

I am unemployed now 😦 and I’M BROKEN! I have stress fractures on my left ankle. I was running this past thursday morning and I twisted my ankle and fell! UGH, I have a boot on for two weeks 😦 It’s terrible. I can’t exercise the way I want to…

I have gone swimming though! And I plan to do so tomorrow… I wanted to do Zumba SO SO BAD… I don’t think I can 😦

Today I did the rowing machine for about 10 minutes, and elliptical for about two. The stupid boot was bothering me so i just gave up 😦 and all I ate today was A LOT of sushi, I went to a buffet thing ahah .. 

I know, I know.. I should of ate more today, i should incorporate 3 meals… urgh. Working on it…

I need a change of rhythm again…

Don’t give up on me!


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