Power nap, dinner, gym :)

So ! I was so so so tired after I ate lunch ( I slept 2 hours last night 😦 ugh ) so I needed sleep. So I slept maybe 4 hours, got up and my mom had dinner ready !

Lamb ! Well my brother actually made it. It was delicious, I had a piece of lamb, strawberries, and vegetable soup with a side of English breakfast tea 🙂
Very satisfying meal… Then there was some dessert !

Now what the hell is that. Right, lol well I think it’s butternut squash to be exact and my mom added some kind of sugar coating thing, idk, probably not the healthiest of desserts but it was delicious !

After dinner I went to the gym, biked a mile and attempted zumba ( I was worried about my ankle) BUT I SUCCEEDED. Danced my heart out and sweated like a champ. It felt great. You know, if you do zumba right, you can burn on average 800 calories ??! Fantastic 🙂


Today was fantastic. I’m showered, might sneak one more piece of the squash, tea and study time !!

Buenas noches 😉


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