how amazing is this meal!?



It’s like a cup a half of string beans and broccoli, and of course sautéed in olive oil and salt! (no joke, I do that with ALL my veggies now) 1/2 cup of black beans and six pieces of shrimp! SOO GOOOD

i also had a lot of bruchetta (i think i spelled it right) and some chocolate.. lol.. but that’s pretty much all i ate today… and 3 beers i think.. or 2… not sure.

But I overall, pretty good day.. i wasn’t really hungry today so my only meal was that. No joke, SO SO delicious!


Day 86

Ummm delicious !!!


1 cup of strong beans chopped, sautéed in 1tsp of olive oil, salt. After its cooked sprinkle 1 tsp of parmesan cheese on top !! Yummy yummy !


Annd 1/2 a grapefruit 🙂

I’m not starving so this is a light lunch for me 🙂

Then some zumba !!!

After a long day

So I had work at Applebee’s today ! From 11 to 5 ugh

I refused to eat any food from there and i forgot my snack at home !! I started getting a headache. But finally !! I’m home !! Here’s dinner


6oz shrimp
1/2 cup black beans
1 cup broccoli sautéed in 1 tsp olive oil, salt and Parmesan cheese grated on top !!

This meal is delicious… I’m so hungry 🙂

Alright after this .. I need to study. Bye !

Power nap, dinner, gym :)

So ! I was so so so tired after I ate lunch ( I slept 2 hours last night 😦 ugh ) so I needed sleep. So I slept maybe 4 hours, got up and my mom had dinner ready !

Lamb ! Well my brother actually made it. It was delicious, I had a piece of lamb, strawberries, and vegetable soup with a side of English breakfast tea 🙂
Very satisfying meal… Then there was some dessert !

Now what the hell is that. Right, lol well I think it’s butternut squash to be exact and my mom added some kind of sugar coating thing, idk, probably not the healthiest of desserts but it was delicious !

After dinner I went to the gym, biked a mile and attempted zumba ( I was worried about my ankle) BUT I SUCCEEDED. Danced my heart out and sweated like a champ. It felt great. You know, if you do zumba right, you can burn on average 800 calories ??! Fantastic 🙂


Today was fantastic. I’m showered, might sneak one more piece of the squash, tea and study time !!

Buenas noches 😉