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day 1 ! INSANITY FIT TEST & zummbaa


So I know I have already started a day 1… well, we’re DOING IT AGAIN! lol, Since my last post, i said I had started the INSANITY workout, and was definitely seeing results until my week EXPLODED and i was thrown off completely.

I decided to start insanity all over again. I also decided to create a schedule for my life. I’ve learned that if I just create a daily routine for myself, I’ll get the MAX results and my body will be used to it and eventually crave it!

So last night, I was asleep by 11pm and woke up today 7am. (i got those 8 hours ;] ) but then i fell asleep again, until 8. My alarm went off, i got up, dressed into work out gear and downstairs. Did my measurements and weight and pressed play for the INSANITY fit test. THE RESULTS:

photoNot too bad, The results were better on my 2nd fit test the first round, but hey… this is what happens after 1 week of doing nothing but mope. SO.. you have my reps… AND my measurements. I’m an open book folks. Every 2 weeks I take this test and we will both see the amazing results!

Next thing: I bought a heart rate monitor 😀 It’s called, DUO 1010 from sports line (dual-use heart rate monitor) It’s decent and pretty accurate [sometimes]. After the fit test and 20 minutes of zumba i burned = 365 calories. I think I burned a bit more because sometimes it stops monitoring the HR due to whatever and so.. stops calculating. BUT I LOVE IT! Totally worth getting one. It motivates you to work harder and burn more!

So, as I mentioned earlier, I’ve created a schedule, and I’m going to share it with you! Here is it:


0000 Sleep
0100 Sleep
0200 Sleep
0300 Sleep
0400 Sleep
0500 Sleep
0600 Sleep
0700 Wake up (8 hours of sleep)
0800 Workout
1000 1 cup plain Greek yogurt, ¼ cup granola oats, 1 cup strawberries, halved
1200 1 cup of Fruit
1400 Protein, Vegetables, Salad
1600 1 cup of Fruit
1800 Protein, Vegetables, Salad
2200 Get ready for bed
2300 Sleep

So.. to explain. it’s written in military time.. cause i’m just used to it. So this is ideal, but already i have to change it for mon, wed and friday because of work but overall, this is my ideal day. My goal is to have 8 hours of sleep every night [we’ll see how well that goes, lol] . The times bolded is my eating window. Ever heard of intermittent fasting? My ex boyfriend swears by it, and i’m like uhhh fasting!? no way. BUT I tried it and it works! What it is you fast 16hours and feast 8 hours, so from 10am to 7pm i’m eating every 2 hours, but after 7pm until 10am I am fasting. I even noted what kind of food to eat at what time.

I hung this schedule in my room and I truly feel like it’s fool proof. i’ll keep you all posted daily on my daily activity! I’m excited.

Well, it’s 10AM! time for breakfast:
1 cup plain fat-free greek yogurt (i’m eating oikios)
1/4 cup of gluten free granola
1 cup of grapes
Photo on 5-20-13 at 9.59 AMHAHA, i look ridiculous. I have tons of chores to do today so i’m off to do that after I eat my yogurt. WHICH BTW IS A GREAT POST WORKOUT MEAL. I’ll be eating again in two hours lol, something light.. probably a mango or something. Tonight I have ambulance which ALREADY messes up my sleeping schedule lol, but like I said, I have a plan and that’s so much better than winging it.

I hope today’s blog motivates you to create a plan and get healthy!