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Day 3 ! Early Rise & Grind

44c7b99f-a3da-41dd-8721-5bd3dbc9e286wallpaperHelllooo everyone, today was an EARLY day. I’m currently at work just waiting for the next transport. I was up around 4:30AM, got to work 5:15AM and now it’s 8:20AM lol… BORING, but hey… we gotta do, what we gotta doooo!

photo-3Well, after our first transport I ordered an Ice Coffee with Cream & Sugar (yikes!). I was too afraid to go black because I wasn’t sure if i’d like it or not. I like hot black coffee though. Eh whatever, I can’t wait for breakfast though, i’m starving! I’m thinking egg whites with tomato, lettuce and mozzarella on multigrain toast. ahhh excited!

So today is, I believe Cardio & Resistance training for INSANITY. I’m going straight to doing that afterwork. Woop woop! Then I’m feeling sushi later with my sister and her boyfriend. Ah man, can NEVER go wrong with sushi… and then dinner is just gonna be a protein shake.

proteinThis is what I have, it’s actually pretty tasty. If I use it as a meal replacement like I will today, than I add 8oz of low fat milk and 1 scoop of protein powder, if it’s a snack/post-workout drink then I just use water with 2 scoops of protein powder. And my favorite bottle ever! The Blender Bottle! Best investment ever! :]

Well, I really have nothing else to talk about… Today is just an early day. Oh, but I do have a healthy recipe to share! I think I’m going to make a batch tonight to eat tomorrow and friday for lunch :] Try it out!
Quinoa Turkey With Feta and Sundried Tomatoes
Cook quinoa as per packet instructions. Make turkey burgers with turkey minced, diced onions and garlic, freshly chopped parsley and coriander, cumin, salt and pepper. Drizzle the olive oil from marinated feta and olive jars over the quinoa and break up the turkey burgers, combining them with the quinoa. Add lemon juice and combine sundried tomatoes and olives.

*I got this off instagram, i follow healthy eats or something like that. It sounds good, but we’ll see.

Have a great day everyone! and if you got awesome recipes, PLEASE PLEASE SHARE



Day 2! Plyometric cardio & yummy Chipotle dindin

ImageSo to the left would be pre-work out and to the right would be post-workout lol… Man, I was DRIPPING IN SWEAT.

So last night I had the overnight Ambulance shift and had NO SLEEEEP 😦 It was terrible. I got home around 730am and passed out. I officially got off my bed at 4pm. I wasted my whole day!! AHHH, but it’s alright… Got up, got my work out clothes on and did INSANITY!

I burned 460 calories ! I thought it would be more with how hard I worked but oh well.

After that I was hungry so I ran to Chipotle, was really craving it.  I got the bowl, brown rice, black beans, tomatoes, lettuce and some cheese.. or and (don’t judge) sour cream.. haha, its so good!!! lol and then I had sparkling blackberry juice.

Photo on 5-21-13 at 6.04 PMI couldn’t even finish that massive bowl, but it was so good and the drink was too. Now if i was following my 8 hour feast schedule like normal, I wouldn’t have gotten all that… would be like a small taco but since it’s already past 6pm and i’m not supposed to be eating anymore, I went a little more than usual on my meal. I’m satisfied =] and it worth totally worth it, haha.

Well, that was pretty much my boring, boring day. Sleep, work out, eat and now i’m just gonna chill and watch TV in my room. I have to up at 4:15 AM tomorrow for work 😦 ugh… So early bedtime for me! Hope you all had a great day ;]


It’s been since March 1st, that I’ve written a post… I’m SORRY!.. I will say I fell off the wagon.. AGAIN. But it wasn’t all a fail.. I was keeping active and eating healthy. I started INSANITY and then after a month fell off because life happened and emotionally I was destroyed. Last week was the WORST week of my life.. Monday, I didn’t pass my last nursing exam which meant I couldn’t move forward in the program. I have to wait til NEXT SPRING. Which I cried my eyes out when I found out, Tuesday was a family problem that left me crying a lot also, Wednesday, my boyfriend who I fell in love with, so damn hard for… turned out to still be in love with his ex-girlfriend and so left me… do I even need to tell you how I felt? Then Friday I was let go from my job because they didn’t need me anymore due to lack of clientele… SOOOOOOOOOO that was just terrible. i skipped Insanity for the week, didn’t sleep, didn’t eat….been an emotional wreck but TODAY I woke up fantastical :] I have an interview this week for a full time job ;], I’m getting back to my goal as a fitness model, I feel fantastic. So here is to new goals, FITNESS, HEALTHY, HAPPY & KILLER CONFIDENCE. I hope my followers are still out there and you continue to support me. I’m back ;]

progressss ;]

progressss ;]

Dayy 17- success ! + a cookie

Soooo first and foremost !
I got a 92 on my final today *bowing* thank you thank you lol

Breakfast was a Granny Smith apple and tea– wasn’t hungry but I knew I had to eat something.

Lunch was beans and whole wheat tortillas again, was craving it lol

I was craving sweets sooo bad so I had mango !! And I think black berries with whip cream (only a little whip cream)

Dinner was at work today, the mom made pork, mash potatoes and salad so that was my dinner. Good shit, I think I ate too much of though.

Portion control ! Fuuuuck you lol

I went for a short jog today, about 30 minutes. Was nice, nice stress reliever with music pumping in the ears.

Oh yeah, I had a candy cane too– classmate of mine gave us a penlight with a candy cane for Christmas. Couldn’t resist !

Isn’t it so cute !! Lol

I know… Slap on the wrist.

And now I’m jut watching television With the kiddies. And I ate a damn cookie with milk…

real big whip to the wrist lol

but you know what? It’s okay, I exercised, I ate healthy for 90% of my day. That’s it for the rest of night… No more food ! Haha
Just tea– did I mention I love tea??

I’m proud of today, I feel a difference with these simple changes I’m making, and I’m understanding what foods make me feel bloated and not. Eating this one cookie gave me a real belly ache believe it or not ! Mango earlier hit the sweet spot.

I just have to constantly remind myself before I put food in my mouth is will this make me feel good? Or bad?

Simple changes everyday. I know one of these days I’ll have it down pat ;]

Night kiddies !

day 10

Weighed myself today: 179.6 lbs
Yuck, so week 1 was a complete fail BUT I got up today in a better, more motivated mood.
I skipped breakfast– I wasn’t hungry at all… Went to the community service for nurse: there my classmates bought this:

I remember having this when I was younger drinking these frozen ! So good !
When I got home, I bought some sushi !
Cucumber, avocado roll with brown rice:

And along with my sushi !

Some wonderful tea ! Twinings Pure Camomile caffeine free tea!

This was a VERY satisfying lunch. 🙂 I’m content.

Now I’m gonna make a turkey wrap to take to work later, that way I don’t eat all those kiddie meals with fat and fake shit in it !

Afterward, a nice jog 😉
later folks!

winding down my day :]

Well, today was good day ! Besides the fact that I only worked for 2 hours and made 15 bucks lol. So, I had time to go to the gym! I was really excited (There’s this really cute guy that works there and he had told me at school he’d be there ! haha, whatever, motivation right?). I decided to make today LEG DAY. 
So my gym experience looked like this:

Leg Curls, 3 sets of 15
Leg Press, 3 sets
Leg Extension, 3 sets
Outer Thigh
Inner Thigh
Rotary Calf 
Seated Leg Press
Biking, 30 minutes

Not bad I think! I’m definitely going to be feeling this in the morning. :] 

So for my post-workout meal, i chose this: 

Now, I’m not sure if these actually are healthy for you, but I figured 0 sugar, 20 g protein, gluten free and no crazy -ose’s in the ingredients, that this couldn’t be horrible for you. Tasted disgusting, BUT for now it did the job. 

I took a shower and relaxed, went out for a bit and by the time I came back, it was time to have an actual meal so I prepared THIS! 
This is grilled chicken, avocado & cucumbers in a spinach wrap! It was pretty tasty and filling!
Well… kind of, the spinach wrap didn’t peak my interest. Maybe I’ll just do a whole wheat wrap next time, but anyway… 

I feel like today I was able to stick to the healthier side! I didn’t snack on junk, I didn’t eat the fresh pizza my brother made ( BUT OMG I WANTED TO ). 

I went off to barnes and noble to study and I guess the stress of studying made me start craving sugar. So, instead of denying myself I got the Banana Chocolate Smoothie with skim milk from starbucks. If you didn’t know, it’s made from protein based chocolate powder, fresh whole banana and skim milk! I had no regret drinking it and I was super satisfied. I studied away with my drink.

I’m now home, in bed @ 10:40pm. READY FOR SLEEP. I’m excited to wake up with soreness in my legs ! Can’t believe I’m actually saying that haha.

Today was a successful day and I’m very proud of myself! 
I took a photo at the gym that made me critique my self in the worst way:


MY ARMS ARE SO GROSS! i was like, ew, i don’t wanna post this. But then I looked beyond the arms, and saw that I was there at the gym, an hour in at this point, working hard, doing seated leg lifts. 

Today was great, I applaud myself, and I hope everyone else had a successful day too! 
Til tomorrow! 

Good night!